What a Year!

My first entry on this blog was January 16, 2009. Although I am using this to chronicle only specific parts of my life and business, this blog gives me a great way to personally reflect on the events of the year . . . and what a year it’s been!

Over the years I have left dozens of “hair brained” ideas in my wake. With each of these I have tried to embrace a philosophy of “plan for the worst and expect the best”. Regardless of the outcome, each journey has provided me with a learning experience that could never be replicated in a classroom.

Moving into a senior living community at 43 years old, definitely classified as another “hair brained” idea! As someone who “plans for the worst” I was prepared to return home and “abort my mission” before I even laid my head on the pillow at Paul Spring Retirement Community. However, as someone who “expects the best”, I never dreamed that this “idea” would have led to me moving into 3 different senior living communities in one year!

More importantly, I never imagined how one idea could unlock a completely new perspective in my life and business. As I look back, I now have a dramatically different mindset compared to 12 months ago. Sharing some of this new perspective on this blog, at speaking engagements, business events and backyard barbeques has made me realize that I am not alone in this new way of thinking. It’s validated that every now and then a “hair brained” idea can evolve into a validated concept.

This year has reignited my passion and commitment to serve our elders and people of all ages . . . because “everyone is aging”!

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