Some thoughts on medication reminders and other technology

Today I had a great conversation with Barbara Sullivan, who was on the leadership team at Paul Spring, the first community I “moved” into.  Barbara has just launched a new business, Silver Age, LLC.

Barbara and I were talking about some of the innovations getting headlines lately such as the MedCottage , Paro the robotic seal  and the variety of technology devices that provide medication reminders .

I joked that my wife has been reminding me to take out the trash since we have been married (and I still don’t do it).  Wouldn’t it be smart to have a device that could remind me of all the things I need to do in my 20s, 30s, 40s?  When I get to my 70s and 80s the same device could be used to remind me about medications if needed (or taking out the trash!)

My point is that it’s the stigma of an “age or disability” specific device that makes so many resist these products.

Could a MedCottage be a workshop or a home office? Could Paro the robotic seal be a pet for a child with allergies? And we already know that I need help reminding me to take out the trash on Tuesday and Thursday . . . or is that Monday and Wednesday?

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  • I haven’t seen the iPhone app for this, but if it doesn’t yet exist it probably will soon. Either way, I’m not sure that very many elderly people who would need this App even have an iPhone.

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