Senior Living at Consumer Electronic Show (CES)

Every year the coolest gadgets and tech devices are debuted at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas.  For most this show is a chance to preview the latest developments in home entertainment, video games or smart technology.  However, a rapidly growing segment of companies and attendees are focused on issues related to safety, accessibility, health care and technologies to help us age in place.

I will be in the middle of all these gadgets over the next few days seeking perspective in two key areas:

What products are focusing specifically on the elder market?  There seems to be significant focus in this area with the Silvers Summit and Digital Health Summit.  Several of the “traditional” elder and senior focused businesses are exhibiting like Jitterbug, GrandCare, and Presto.

What products could have an application for elders?  This is really what I am interested in looking at during my time at CES.  Those products like the ipad that have a smart universal design that might be applied to eldercare situations.

Stay tuned to see if I gain some interesting persepective or get lost in gadget overload!  I will try to post some video if my gadgets are working properly!

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