Nice Ramp Dude!

This weekend I moderated the Prince George’s County Annual Senior Care Symposium.  One of the speakers was Stephen Hage, founder of Strategies for Independent Living, and a pioneer in Universal Design remodeling techniques.  The photo to the left is one that Steve shared with the audience detailing what NOT to do when designing or remodeling for accessibility.

We joked that this ramp was more appropriate for extreme skateboarding than for a wheelchair or even walking.

Thoughtful home design and planning for our future are essential elements to the embrace the concept of “aging in place” or “aging in community”.  Easy access to our homes and building is not an issue exclusive to “aging”. We need accessible design at all life stages to make it easier for strollers, rolling groceries in the house, and to make our home easy to accept visitors of all abilities.

Chances are there is a poorly designed or makeshift ramp on a home in your neighborhood.  What are your thoughts when you see one of these homes?  Does it make you reflect on your living situation?  Why don’t we see more people making improvements for accessibility BEFORE they need it instead of WHEN they need it?

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