More (young) people getting kicked out of retirement communities!

A couple of years ago I wrote about Kimberly Broffman the 6 year old living with her grandparents in a retirement community who was being evicted due to age restrictions.
Well, a similar story caught my radar this week! This time the root of the “problem” is the grandchildren of Ed and Barbara Bohannon and the location is a community outside Hilton Head, SC. You can read the article here

After you read this article can you honestly say that the legal segregation by age is a good thing?  Why are these communities embracing an “all or nothing” mentality?  So many communities have a set number of homes or units for lower incomes, what if we had a small percentage that accepted people of a different age.

. . . . and a retirement community that opens its doors to all ages!

This article prompted me to follow up on the Marque at Heritage Hunt an age restricted community that lifted its restriction to find alternative financing. I wrote a post about this unique situation last year.

I was encouraged to find a recent article in Multihousing News that reports that the community has dramatically increased occupancy since instituting the change allowing professionals and families to join the elders in the community.  I am pretty sure the management was concerned about a “dramatic change” like this affecting the quality of life of the residents, and appears to have the reverse effect. After all . . . seniors dont want to live with kids and kids dont want to be around a bunch of seniors . . . right?  Well I was clicking around on their website and found this great photo of the children living in the community kicking off the school year with a pizza party.






and this one of kids returning “home” from school!








Isn’t it funny how we live in a world where its more common to build communities that enforce an age restriction and next to none that would consider lifting the restriction? Which of these two communities would you want to call home?

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  • The research I did for a webinar we offer called “Intergenerational Living” was very encouraging on this issue; families are moving back in together. Certainly the economy is a big factor but there are many indicators that this trend is here to stay and it is impacting the real estate and design fields.

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