More Senior Living and Healthcare at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES)

My second day at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) was less overwhelming and more productive.  Now that I had a better expectation of the crowds and floorplans I was able to visit the booths with a healthcare and senior living focus.  Again, a big thanks to the Living in Digital Times for putting together a pavilion where most of these companies are exhibiting.  Here is a video I put together featuring most of the exhibitors in this section.


Connected Healthcare

I also attended several sessions at the Digital Health Summit which were fantastic.  One of my favorites was moderated by Jay H. Sanders, M.D., the CEO of The Global Telemedicine Group, who is known to many as the “Father of Telemedicine”.  Dr. Sanders shared how inefficient and error prone an annual physical can be, subject to a tremendous amount of assumptions that a doctor makes in your brief visit to his office.  Using telemedicine and sensors a doctor has the ability to look at data over a period of time and truly identify trends and problems. 


The technology to transmit health and fitness data through watches, jewelry, and clothing is definitely available – the question is when and how will we begin to execute its usage on a larger scale.  The Veterans Administration is cited as leading the charge in this area with over 100,000 individuals being monitored in a cost-effective manner. Family caregivers support these technologies being implemented as revealed in the United Healthcare study that was presented at CES.


The easy and effective transfer of health data was also illustrated by another speaker, Darrel Drinan the Co-Founder and CEO of PhiloMetron. His company has developed a “patch” that can transmit caloric intake to your “healthcare cloud”.  Its exciting to think about the practical applications for dieting and health, but also much better your healthcare and fitness team members can give you advice.


While there was tons of great information at CES, its clear that the segments that I was interested in are overshadowed by 3D televisions, video games and other gadgets.  The central theme in everything at this show is easier to use products that are seamlessly connected – this can help all of us no matter what our age and abilities.



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  • The Dragon software has been a game changer for me! New technology hasn’t solved all of our problems, but it sure hasn’t been standing still either.

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