More Baseball Players in Assisted Living!

Baseball season is in full swing and it looks like my crystal ball prediction that Hollywood would jump on the story of the minor league ballplayer, Josh Faiola living in assisted living community seems to be playing out nicely. Here is my original post, and here is a link to a recent Hollywood Reporter article.

Let’s hope that Hollywood shows our elders and the “senior living community” in a positive light! If not we can sick Betty White on them!

I recently connected with Cindy Griffith-Novak, who operates The Belvedere, which is the community that hosted Josh last season. She reports they are hosting another Erie Crushers player this year, the teams catcher Joel Collins. She shared that over 60 residents and family members cheered the Crushers on to victory in box seats at opening day!

I am also excited that other senior housing communities are following Cindy’s lead and are hosting players, I found this article about an assisted living community hosting Crushers pitcher, Phillip Rummel.

I don’t think it will be long before there are more Erie Crusher’s players in assisted living than there are in traditional neighborhood homes!

I urge all providers use this as an example and begin to think about “hosting” residents that can add to the diversity of their current resident profile!  I have said it too many times, but I hope this is truly the future of senior living!

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