“Learn More Today” in Retirement Communities!

marketing retirement communities

This sign for a retirement community has a duel message - you can definately learn more in communities like these!

Last month I traveled to Brightview Westminster Ridge to interview one of the residents, Velma Keck for an article we recently published on the benefits of pets in senior living communitiesClick here to read the article and watch a video

As I approached the community I was impressed by the location, which is right near several schools offering a more inter generational setting for the residents.

With academics on my mind I turned into the community and something on the sign jumped out at me, “Learn More Today”.   While I know that this is a marketing statement referring to learning more about the community, at that moment it struck me differently!

I can certainly attest that people living in these communities do “learn more”!  In hundreds of interviews with residents they are consistently bringing up how much they learn from their new neighbors.  In addition, many communities have relationships with local colleges and universities offering a more formal way to “learn”.

In addition, the hundreds of kids in neighboring schools can certainly “learn more” by engaging with the residents of this community!

I think most people will agree that embracing a philosophy that residents can “learn more today” in your retirement community will be a better way to market the community than the intended goal of the statement!

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