I arrived at Keswick Multi-Care Center this afternoon. This community offers assisted living and nursing care, so I was pleasantly surprised that I would be staying in a skilled nursing room tonight! All of my stays up to this point have been in Independent or Assisted Living apartments so I am excited to say that I have now stayed in the full continuum of care!

I was greeted and shown to my room (Room #G10). Along the way I was introduced to a few staff members. I am staying in a section of the community where most residents are receiving rehab services.

I arrived a little late, but I was able to get dinner in the dining room and talk to a few residents and staff. I have had so many staff ask me if I need anything that I would swear I was staying in a 5 Star Hotel! The difference is that in most hotels everyone is anonymous, in these halls everyone knows each other and refers to each other by name.

I guess it feels a bit like a cross between the Ritz Carlton and my college dorm staying here. I kind of like keeping my door open and hearing the activity in the hallway!

Per my usual, here is a video to check out my “digs” for the night!

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