It’s great to feel important

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“It’s great to feel important”
That’s what a resident of a senior living community said to me today just as I was leaving her apartment after I interviewed her for an article and video.

Her statement really resonated with me and on the ride back to the office and I pondered how challenging it can be to make residents feel important when they are living in environments where everything is done for them.

I did a Google search for mission statements at a senior living communities and randomly selected this one (after reviewing about a dozen they are all basically the same)

Our mission is to provide our residents with quality and compassionate care. We strive to enhance quality of life, preserve dignity and meet health, social and emotional needs by working with family members, caregivers, health professionals and the community.

I know mission statements tend to be words on paper, but I think it would really be great to see statements like “making our residents feel important” or “helping guide our residents toward a sense of purpose” integrated into the culture of more communities.


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