Is That Really YOUR Television Remote?


Big button devices are often associated with seniors or disabilities, but they can be more functional and easy to use for everyone.

Visitors to my house are often shocked when they see my television remote.  I often get the comment, “you don’t need that YET”.  However, I quickly point out that I have never lost it or pushed the wrong button.  I use this is my example when talking about Universal Design concepts – why should we wait to use something that is more functional for us right now?

Like many things it comes down to the stigma associated with having a big button device on your coffee table.

tiny electronics

Tiny electronics can be cool but not necessary the most functional

Just because we can make electronics super small doesn’t mean that we should.  The ipad is a classic example of this; while it is smaller than a computer it’s bigger and more functional than a smart phone.  It’s also a device that has a growing list of functions; in fact my ipad does have limited functions as a television remote.  I am sure in the near future it might even replace my beloved remote!


Think about this the next time you walk up a “wheelchair ramp” or push that button on an automatic entry door for people with disabilities!

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