Innovative Retirement Community or Publicity Stunt?

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I frequently receive announcements about new senior housing projects.  Last week one caught my eye that was hard to ignore.  The $250M project called BOOM is planned for development in Palm Springs.  The initial designs look like something from Abu Dhabi or the Museum of Contemporary Art!  Originally the project was conceived as an LGBT retirement community, it has evolved to include residents both straight and gay, young and old. . See our previous posts on Gay Elders LGBT.

I am not sure if this project will ever come to fruition — if it does great! However, I feel this is a fantastic exercise for professionals and consumers to have a dialogue about redefining our concept of eldercare and senior housing.

The concepts you see here were designed by 10 different architecture firms:
The Huffington Post quotes, “Each firm was given a piece of the 100-acre plot and total freedom to inject their personal style into the space. The only requirements for the architects were that their structures had to epitomize high design in order to fight the stereotypical look of retirement communities, and that none of the firms could have ever done work around aging before, so they could come to the project with fresh ideas.”

I think this is a fantastic collaborative exercise for us to push the envelope and create more vibrant and exciting settings.  I hope this gets a lot of “publicity” and encourage people to start talking and thinking differently about the best place to live.

Read the Huffington Post article for some great quotes and a slideshow of the project.


  • I love that people are exploring other options for the look and functionality of retirement communities. I agree that the mold needs a little shaking up.

  • The Huffington Post likes to do a lot of things just as a publicity stunt… The mold does need to be broken though and these things need to be let out in the open.

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