How about an ipad for Dad?

There has been a lot of buzz about the Apple ipad being a great product for “seniors” and “boomers”. In my opinion, it’s a great product because it’s designed well for EVERYONE to use and it doesn’t carry a label or any of the stigma of a product designed specifically for “older folks”.  Truly a wonderful example of Universal Design!

I recently stumbled on a fantastic blog titled As Our Parents Age, authored by Marti Weston. Marti recently purchased an ipad for her fathers 87th birthday and has been reporting his usage of the product on the blog!

Here are the current entries

This should be a great thread to follow and I imagine it could be the start of a forum for others working with their parents on the ipad!

When I speak about Universal Design I always bring a large button television remote that we use in our house as a “prop”. I share that we have never lost it or pushed the wrong buttons, and I ponder if someday we will design cell phones that will be the same size. I have a feeling that in the near future that pads like these will replace our pocket sized devices, while small they can lack function.

Fathers Day is right around the corner and if you are looking for a practical device that for Dad (or anyone for that matter), you might consider an ipad.

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