How about a “retirement” community where you “work”?


I am still reflecting on my time at the cohousing conference that I wrote about a few weeks ago. I love Dene Peterson’s comment on the post where she expands beyond the sense of purpose that is achieved by living in a cohousing community, she states,

“I think another great benefit of the “sweat equity” of ElderSpirit and cohousing, in contrast to Continuing Retirement Communities, is that our residents have smaller monthly fees which leaves them with disposable income where they can travel and enjoy the amenities in the surrounding area. The residents remain active and engaged outside their small neighborhood.”

What if we created a retirement community that made it a requirement for those residents living in independent living to provide a minimum amount of hours per month helping those in assisted living and skilled nursing. If a community with 100 independent living residents had a 10 hour minimum that would be an additional 1000 hours of support to the residents and staff.

In some communities I have witnessed a disconnection between the independent residents and those living in assisted and nursing sections of the community. A system like this could help break down those walls.

As Dene alludes to, there can probably be some cost savings achieved over time with the additional support of the independent residents . . . something I think very few people would complain about!

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