Grandparents University expanding to colleges around the country

A friend recently shared an innovative program launching at her alma mater Westchester University, this summer called Grandparents University. Grandparents and grandchildren aged 8-14 will live in the dormitories, share meals the dining hall, enroll in courses, attend classes taught by University faculty, explore campus and enjoy evening entertainment and activities. The program concludes with a Sunday graduation ceremony and family celebration complete with an awarding of diplomas to every “graduate.”

Grandparents University® was started on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus by the Wisconsin Alumni Association (WAA) 10 years ago and has been replicated at several other colleges around the country. This video gives a glimpse of the Michigan State University program in action:

This is such a great program on so many levels it engages our elders with tremendous purpose and it encourages our youth towards higher education and learning. I would love to see a similar program that might match elders and children that might be at risk or not have a grandchild or grandparent relationship.


Here are some links to the programs I was able to find, I am sure there are some more and similar programs by other names:


  • What a great way to engage two different generations together. This should be a worldwide program! Too often grandparents are neglected, deemed too inconvenient to be around with. Many youngsters grow up being unfamiliar with old folks. In many countries these poor old souls are simply sent to await lonesome deaths in old aged homes. This is so heart warming to say the least.

  • Tremendously educational many thanks, I reckon your trusty readers would definitely want even more writing like this carry on the excellent hard work.

  • Illinois grandparent

    Would like if you could find these opportunities in every state!

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