Developers rethinking retirement housing

An article in The Daily Record this week confirmed alot of the elements that I have observed in my “travels” this year! The article states:

“Seniors are not only postponing retirement, but also looking to save time and money by living closer to where they work and play. Experts are forecasting an older-aged migration toward cities and transportation hubs.”

If you live in a location where you don’t NEED to drive, then loosing or choosing not to drive will not impact your lifestyle that much. This is something all of us should think about regardless of our age and abilities.

Another quote from the article that confirms some of my thoughts and observations:

“Many senior communities were built with land-grabbing amenities like golf courses, tennis courts and swimming pools, so they had to be built far from the city center. Residents drive miles to the grocery store, movie theater or hospital.”

In my opinion, the key “amenity” that can greatly enhance anyones lifestyle at any age is the grocery store. Look for a post or two in the near future devoted entirely to the grocery store . . . in my opinion the hub of any neighborhood and community.

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