Will my kids always want to spend time with me?

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I was reading my last post, specifically my statement

“The bottom line is that is to a 6-year-old it doesnt matter where they are – if they get the chance to spend a week with their Mom and/or Dad its a pretty special thing!”

The night before our “move” both of my kids were practically arguing over who was going to move to the retirement community with daddy. It will be interesting to see what lies ahead for us as a family – will these two children someday be discussing where dad will be living without them? Will the two kids that wanted to spend every hour with me in a retirement community someday be dreading a weekly visit to my senior living home?

I ponder this because I talk to so many people who are faced with this scenario (parents and children). I wonder how they viewed time with their parents at age 6? When did they turn the corner in the way they view time with their parents?

I know these are gross generalizations, in fairness, I also hear stories of wonderful examples of parent/child relationships that span a lifetime and address eldercare in positive and creative ways. However, it feels that the “drop the parents off” scenario seems to outweigh the alternative sometimes!

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