What did your son think of his experience in a retirement community?

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This is the question I have been getting from most people lately in my travels. The bottom line is that is to a 6-year-old it doesnt matter where they are – if they get the chance to spend a week with their Mom and/or Dad its a pretty special thing! I dont think either of us could pinpoint the lessons he learned during his time. At least once a week Asa will randomly bring up an experience or insight he gained at during his time in the community which makes me feel great!

Tonight was my favorite annual speaking engagement, the Egan, Berger and Weiner, LLC “Back to School Night”. The event usually attracts over 400 clients and guests, great food, entertainment and speakers talking on a variety of topics – the audience is relaxed and loose – but always engaged.

I was really excited to talk to this group about my two “move-ins” this year, and once again – they were a fantastic audience. I started my presentation with this “mash up” video of Asa and Ashley talking about retirement communities and aging issues. I really like how it came together and it got a great reaction from the audience too (if you have been following this blog, you have seen some of this video, but not in this format). I really think this video does a great job of answering the question “What did your son think of his experience in a retirement community?”.

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