How does someone look old?

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This weekend I was at a family gathering where one of our friends said “I am really trying to get in shape, I would like to hike at Yellowstone next year, and it’s going to be my 70th birthday”. Nearly everyone in earshot of her had a look of surprise on our faces when she revealed her age, myself included. As much as I try not to have a bias toward age, I will admit she definitely didn’t “look” 70 years old!

On the drive home I pondered with my wife what made her “look” younger? After all, she had a full head of gray hair, wasn’t sporting a model or fitness buff-like physique, didnt have makeup caked on, and she wasn’t dressed in designer clothes.

I concluded that it was her smile that gave her a youthful glow; and my wife said it was her eyes. I don’t think you obtain a glow like that through any anti-aging formula or through a Botox injection.


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