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Ashley was wiped out from her first day in the retirement community. We headed down to breakfast where everyone was very excited to see a new face. A little girl definitely gets the ladies very excited! Once again, meeting so many new people can be overwhelming; she was regularly hiding behind my legs!

After breakfast we went to the exercise class led by Neil. All of our “exercise buddies” were there and they we excited to see Ashley. Ashley learns by observation, so she sat in the chair next to me and “watched”. If we lived here, she would watch for about a week or so and then she would do every exercise perfectly!

Our next stop was going to be the pool, but unfortunately it was closed! We headed down to the lobby and there was a group getting ready to board the bus to go to the weekly restaurant trip. Fortunately, the restaurant was only 6 blocks away, so Ashley and I decided we would ride the bus with them and walk back – we were still full from breakfast!

Lunch today was the best meal of our stay! We lingered with one of the residents over lunch and were the last people in the dining room. Our dining partner was a retired school teacher and once Ashley felt comfortable we had a great time. I am really going to miss this place when we are gone!

Just like my first experience at Paul Spring, it was very sad to leave. With the approach I have taken on both of these projects it seems like I leave when I truly feel like its my “home”. I guess thats a good thing, but I really relate to this medical students reference to a “mean game“.

Here is a poster that we made thanking everyone for the opportunity. Check back soon for more thoughts on this move, how it relates to what I learned at Paul Spring, and some random thoughts on what we can do next!

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