Getting Help From Senior Move Managers

As I mentioned in my previous post I asked the members of the National Association of Senior Move Managers to share with me ideas, concepts and words of wisdom to help me through the downsizing process. I have copied excerpts from their emails to me below.

I can tell you that walking this road alone is an overwhelming and confusing process, knowing that there are professionals available that can objectively help is very comforting.

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“We all have things we love in our lives, but think about these things not as possessions, but as gifts that you received and have used and now are gifts to family, neighbors, friends. They say “The best things in life aren’t things” Have that guide your sorting and downsizing.”

Jennie Zehmer
Here to Home, Inc.

“It’s better to have less clutter and give yourself some time to adjust to the new environment. After you move, if you are missing some items, you can always have them brought to you by a family member or good frend. You might find that you will need to change some of your choices, and that should not be too much of a problem.  I tell my clients to take the things they love and cannot live without, and keep in reserve (for later choices) the things they love and could consider living without.”

Carol Brooks

“Art work you love is a must to feel like home sweet home, as well as family photos.”

Joann Guariglia
Total Organizing Solutions

“Let’s take the items that you “love” and “need” to have to make the apartment feel like home.  This is your home and we will make it even more beautiful by taking the artwork and all of the special pieces that mean so much to you.”

Barbara Plovsky
Handling With Care

“Here’s an exercise that helps many of my clients when trying to determine what to take (in terms of furniture, linens, kitchen materials and home decor).  It involves two critical shifts in thinking:

1) Practice saying your new address, “I live at Holly Hills” (whatever the name of the community)  as soon as the decision to relocate is made.  That will help bring closure to what is being left behind and prepare you for a new beginning.
2) Continuing to build that bridge into the future from the present by looking at your house as though it were a department store.  Imagine the house (since you now live at –ahem– Holly Hills) as the “4259 Whispering Trails Court Store.”  Each room is a “department.”  That will help you focus on your future home and its needs, not the needs of your present house and “all that stuff.””

Marsha Clark
St. Louis Move Helpers

“Don’t forget that many communities supply towels/linens.”

Barbara Feldman

“Remember, you are only going to be cooking breakfast and lunch. Unless cooking is a hobby, only take the stuff you need for breakfast and lunch. You might re-think the crock pot unless you cook stuff in there for lunch.
Also, the difference between full and queen size bed is 6” in width and a little more length. Today’s headboards are the same for both size beds.”

Charna Kinneberg, RN, MBA
Senior Transitions, Inc.

“A couple of tips to start you off. 1) Use a pencil to sketch where you want your furniture to go on your floor plan. 2) Give each piece of furniture the “butt” test. You may be able to get in and out of each piece comfortably but your may have visitors who may not (ie the barrel chairs). If the seat is too low or mushy, or the arms too high to be of help, it may be a struggle for some folks to get up again. 3) Hire a professional Senior Move Manager who can provide physical and emotional support and guidance to help you with your transition.”

Mary Ann Brewer and Nancy Loyd
Busy Buddies

“After reviewing your floor plan you might want to get a little creative ( double hanging)in your closets to provide extra storage.”

Susan B. Danick
Transitional Assistance and Design


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  • Senior moves are just like any other move, except more so — meaning seniors’ furniture and other personal items usually have greater value in both sentimental and monetary terms. So it’s all that more important to engage a mover you can trust. Your senior move manager can make referrals. Check with the Better Business Bureau regarding the mover you choose and ask the mover for references from other seniors they have moved.

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