The Changing of the Guard ““ a 3 year old in retirement living

There are a lot more families visiting the community on the weekend. Since Sunday brunch is an event/meal that everyone raved about I invited the rest of my family my wife Bonnie and daughter Ashley to come join us. Ashley, who is 3 years old has been obsessed with the retirement community since we left, so she was very happy when we offered to let her stay in the retirement community for the remaining 2 days! It was fun watching Asa tour them around the community that he now was familiar with and telling the stories of what he had done.

After visiting with several residents throughout the building we headed to the pool. All the rain had cooled things off, and it was fantastic weather. There were more residents sitting on the deck and swimming than any of our previous visits. Ashley enjoyed swimming and we were able to talk to a lot of residents.

There were no formal activities planned, so we took some of the craft supplies down to the lobby and just played with them there. This was a great opportunity to see all the coming and going of the community and engage a few residents in conversation during the afternoon.


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