Day in the Retirement Community – Night at the Opera

It really feels comfortable in the community today, I feel like we would fit in just fine as permanent residents of this community. We participated in another exercise class this morning; here is a photo of Asa in the class.

After the class one of the residents mentioned that she wanted to sit down and talk with me for about 30 minutes. Later in the day, I got Asa settled in with some of his arts and crafts projects that the staff gave to him and called her up.

It was nice to have a visitor to our apartment, we sat as Asa played. The resident wanted to share with me some of the things that she finds unique and special about the community. She even prepared a nice agenda! Here are just a few things we discussed:

She shared how nice it was to be in a diverse community with varied backgrounds, races, nationalities, careers and much more.

She shared how fond she was of some of the classes Kelly Marie organizes (who is on vacation for the month). The class she spoke very highly of was an African –American dance and theatre. She stated, “I don’t care for the structured exercise classes, but when we do these classes we are having fun, exercising and learning about a culture at the same time.”

She also shared how much she and the friends that visited her appreciate the informal dining room when compared to other senior living communities. I personally pondered how Asa and I might have fare in the formal dining environment too!

It was a great visit, and I really appreciated a resident reaching out to me. It really is important to have this dialogue when you are new to a neighborhood at any age!

We hit the pool and had planned to participate in a water exercise class, but a storm approached and let being on a rooftop pool when lightning is in the air is a little scary.

Today was happy hour, and it drew a huge crowd to bid farewell to a resident moving to a community in Florida to be closer to her children. Asa and I made a quick trip to the playground and then made it back in time for dinner. Tonight we were invited to dinner by several residents. We usually try to seat ourselves with different people at each meal, so this was kind of nice to know where we were going!

Tonight is a Marx Brothers movie, Night at the Opera. Many of the residents shared that they were Asa’s age when they first saw the movie! Asa was interested in what life was like back then, who was the President, etc. I was concerned that the old movie might not hold his attention – but he really liked it and laughed louder than everyone in the theatre!

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