Biceps and the Buses ““ Pools and Playgrounds


We both slept like babies last night! After a light breakfast we went to the exercise class led by Neil, who is also a personal trainer that had great rapport with everyone. We did a lot of stretching and balance exercises seated or utilizing a chair. The class was a lot of fun for Asa and the exercises were very appropriate for him, me, or someone who might need assistance with mobility.


We took the community bus to the Giant grocery store. There were 7 of us on the bus and Annette, the driver provides great conversation and assistance to anyone that needs it. Fortunately there was a Radio Shack next in the mall for me to get the cord I needed do upload videos off of my camera.


It is probably as hot and uncomfortable as it gets in Washington this week, which makes having a pool in your community a great feature. We want to maximize our interaction with the other residents so we made sure we were heading to the pool when some others said they were going to be there. There were several residents that came and went during our time there. The building is ten stories high, so I was a bit concerned we would roast up there, however, there was a fantastic breeze which made it delightful.


At dinner one of the other residents came by and asked how Asa was holding up with the “old folks”. He mentioned that there weren’t many places for little kids to play nearby but he knew of a playground about 6 blocks away. I was hoping he would join us for a walk to the playground, but it ended up being just the two of us. It turned out to be a great new playground!

I am struck with the difference between an urban playground from the ones near our suburban home. There is so much “action” and more a diverse group of people hanging out – it’s a nice change and it a weird way it fits with two people exploring a retirement community whose combined age doesn’t qualify for an AARP card!

We returned back in time for a piano concert, as we were waiting for the performer to arrive we talked about our trip to the playground and several of the residents mentioned it might be nice to have one closer to the community to watch the children play. Maybe even in the community? Who knows!

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