Viewing aging through the eyes of a child

I hope that one of the benefits to having my six year old son with me during this move will be seeing the community from his perspective.

So, without further adieu, I would like to introduce you to Asa who will share some of his perspective with you in this brief video.

As you can see, Asa has a pretty “pure” perspective that is untouched by the modern stigma of aging!

Just like my last move, I will record a video every evening sharing insights on the day. I am excited to have Asa along with me, I think that his insights might be much more relevant than mine!

Take a glimpse at how the stigma of aging has impacted how many of us “older people” view growing older. This is a clip from a documentary film titled CUT BACK: facing ageism.

The entire movie can be watched on producer Patricia Sahertian’s You Tube channel. It’s very well done and I will definitely be referencing some of the segments in future posts!

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  • This is such a wonderful adventure for me to experience what living in a retirement community is like, first hand through your eyes and experiences along with Asa’s! What a treat! You are making it so real and no longer an unknown mysterious life style. I had no idea some of the retirement communities allowed residents to have pets and offered such fun excursions. I am delighted to see that NBC respects your efforts and is paying attention to the need to inform and educate it’s viewers about retirement communities. You are our Columbus sailing into the uncharted real estate of retirement community living and making it an option we could all consider for ourselves. I salute you and know that everyone will expand their knowledge of retirement living through your work. Keep it up and I eagerly look forward to each of your day’s experiences.I also send big xoxo to Asa.

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