The Crockpot Chronicles!

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“You don’t need to take the Crock Pot.”

photo of a crockpotThat is just one of the many comments I received from blog readers who viewed my brief video in entry#6 where I shared the items (one of which is a crockpot!) that I thought would be appropriate to take with me on my move. Click here to view

Until I went through this exercise, I never really recognized the importance or the significance of the crock pot in my life. That crock pot represents something that really makes my house a “home” to me. I love to come into my house at the end of a day and smell the aroma of a slow cooked meal. Just looking at it sitting on my kitchen counter gives me a good feeling.

The crock pot is not an item that is practical or something I will need in my new home, but it’s an item with tremendous significance to my current definition of “home”. Going through this exercise made me recognize that there are countless other “impractical” items throughout my house that I don’t “need” in my new living environment but they all have important feelings or emotions attached to them.

This exercise makes me realize now how important it is not to discount the significance of your belongings and the need to preserve their memories. One solution to this might be to create video or a scrapbook that documents all the items in your home and tells their stories, memories and significance. It can make the downsizing process much easier knowing that you can refer back to these memories anytime.

I can see how easy it might be to discount the importance of items when helping a loved on through this transition. Seeing how important something like a crock pot is in my life has raised my awareness exponentially.

My next post will share the suggestions that I have received from many Senior Move Managers from all over the country. It’s important to remember that you don’t need to walk this road alone, there are many professionals and organizations that can help you.

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  • Keep on crocking! Thanks for sharing your crock pot story, I agree, finding significance in your belongings can make the downsizing process easier. Overtime you accumulate a lot of belongings that can be hard to part with, this is a good way to find out what is really important to you.

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