Signing MY name on the dotted line

This week I headed down to the Residences at Thomas Circle to complete my admissions paperwork. I view this as one of the most important elements of these projects. In my first move I was amazed at the flood of emotions and nervous energy that I felt by just writing my name on the application. It really illustrated to me how I can help someone but be very detached from the process at the same time. This time was no exception!

Before I began the process I chatted with Beth Jansen the marketing director to get a handle a “typical” resident move process. Here are a few characteristics she shared with me:

• The process from inquiry to filling out paperwork can take residents as long at 2 years and might involve 6 or more visits to the community.
• Many times a health problem or loss of a loved one could be a catalyst to move.
• Many times an adult child will accompany a potential resident to meetings and visits.
• Because of the downtown location, most of the residents have been city dwellers or just love the city.
• Like most of the communities in the DC metro region the average age of residents is in the 80s.

I use this information to help me slip into the mindset of the potential resident. Then Beth started the process of walking me through the application in the exact same manner that she does with other residents. She explained each of the forms I filled out thoroughly before or as I completed them.

There were traditional real estate/rental application forms, medical, estate planning, financial, health care and emergency contact forms, and several liability forms (I really liked the one for residents bringing a “power scooter”!).

In addition there was an extensive form that addressed my personal interests, history, hobbies, and activities that I like to participate in. This form is shared (with my permission) with the activities staff and the resident ambassadors to help me make the transition into the community and connect me with other residents and activities I might enjoy.

I recorded a video of myself in the marketing office – check back soon!

The entire process of the application took about an hour. It was pretty overwhelming, even though I completed similar forms and I know my move is temporary. My recommendation to families or loved ones is to fill out some of these forms with your name on it alongside your loved one – it might help you appreciate the magnitude of this transition!

After the application process, I got to see my apartment. I will talk more about that and the move and transition process in another post soon!

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