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I really stumbled into very interesting angle on this immersion project. While I wanted my entire family (wife and two kids) to make the move with me, for logistics it made sense to make this move with only my eldest son, Asa.

This temporary immersion into single parenthood has really struck a chord with many as a very positive intergenerational opportunity in senior living communities.

In an effort to get some feedback in this area, I sent out an email searching for counselors and therapists with professional experience in working with children of divorce AND people making the transition into senior living communities.  Much to my surprise it has not garnered any takers yet, however, I did get a lot of people asking for the names of these therapists! It seems that there are certainly a lot of people in need of counseling in both areas simultaneously!

–  As a parent, you expected to be married forever raising your children as a team, suddenly you are divorced.

–  As a child you never expected that your parents would get divorced, but suddenly you are in that situation.

–  I don’t think many of the adults living in senior living communities expected to be there either, but suddenly you are in that situation.

Each of these situations can be isolating, confusing, and completely change your identity and sense of purpose on a dime.

It’s exciting to think about all the ways the parents, children and elders could help each other and help create a sense of purpose in times of change and crisis.

Please share any perspective you might have on this . . . or put me in touch with a counselor specializing in both, I might have some good referrals for them!

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