Is it really better to give than to receive?

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Melanie Jongsma, made a great comment on my last post, click here to read.

Melanie reminded me of a conversation I had recently, regarding the adage “It’s better to give than to receive”. When you soak this statement in, it’s no surprise that we have a divided society and those who may not be able to meet our definition of “independent” are not valued as much as the “givers”.

A very wise person in the conversation (I wish I could give him credit, but I don’t know his name!) commented “you can’t properly give until you are willing to receive.” We all need to go into a position of receiving and understand what it feels like to be vunerable. We need to honor the position of vulnerability, which is difficult because none of us want or plan to be vulnerable. We need to challenge each other to better understand how the people we are helping feel.

If more of us can move in this direction, then hopefully we will move closer to balance and community that Melanie refers to, we definately need it!!

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