A great day in the hospital??!!

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Well that might be overstating it a bit! Out of my four days in the hospital there was one day that definitely stood out as the best. It was the day that a team of nursing students were working/learning on my floor.

In the hospital I had a hard time telling all the health care professionals apart. From my vantage point there were doctors (who I was always eagerly waiting for) and everyone else. The doctors wore white coats and everyone else wore medical scrubs, it was really hard to tell the difference between a nurse, and aide, or the person who fills my water bottle.

I remember almost being in shock when a smiling and exceptionally friendly “professional” entered my room in the morning. I later learned she was a nursing student, and throughout the day I saw other enthusiastic students just like her on the floor. As a patient, it definitely improved my outlook and the feeling about my care.

If I never had the opportunity to interact with the students, I probably wouldn’t have been aware of the stark contrast between them and the majority of health care professionals that I had interacted with. The students weren’t being paid, they wanted to be there, and they clearly wanted to help people. I clearly got the feeling that for some of the nurses answering their many questions was just another annoyance of their “job”. Its sad because the students really put them on a pedestal.

Will that enthusiasm disappear after they are on the “job” and in the system? I am pretty sure it will for many.

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