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I estimate that I have visited at least 500 senior housing communities in my career. I have taken tours that have explored every inch of a community, eaten meals, conducted seminars, interviewed staff and residents for articles,  and have even participated in a video game tournament with residents.

However, I have never truly looked at a community the way I did as we left the marketing office to see my apartment. I can only describe the feeling as “breathing new air.” I was no longer a detached ‘expert’ in the field of aging looking at the aesthetic features of a community. Instead, I was focused on the reality that I will soon be a resident of this community.   Whenever I saw another resident, I was wondering if they would accept me as a friend and neighbor.  I wondered what we will talk about, what their interests were, where they came from.

When we reached the door of my apartment, I was again struck with the fact that I had been in hundreds of model apartments in my career, but I never had experienced the feeling I had right now. I had a soundtrack of a drum roll playing in my head as the doorknob was being turned. Inside I was struck with a nice one bedroom apartment that was similar to those I had seen hundreds of times before, only now I was imagining myself sitting on the couch instead of someone else.

I instantly started to picture my own furniture in the apartment, something I had never done before when touring a community. I started questioning whether my kitchen table would fit or if I would need to buy a new one.

Here is a look at my “canvas”  . . . I mean my floorplan!

floorplan for the 43 year old retirement community resident

In my next posts I will explore the issue of downsizing. I have prepared a video where I will show you what furniture and belongings I would be taking if I made a permanent move. More important is what I am going to do with the things I won’t be taking, the emotions and memories of the home I live in.

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  • Ditto on the crockpot. You probably won’t be needing that.
    Nancy Loyd makes some very good points about your furniture choices. If you are going to have fellow residents visit you, you will need to think of their comfort and abilities to get up or sit down on your couch and chairs.
    I’m following your every post. 🙂

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