Coming back “home”

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One of the appealing elements of living at Paul Spring was that the location was far enough away from my “home” that I wouldn’t run into my neighbors, family and friends. This detachment really helped me  immerse myself during my time there. Now that I am not a “resident”, I really wish that I had chosen a more convenient location to my home/office so I could “pop in” more frequently. This is very important element for families to consider when reviewing options, if a location is not convenient it will definately decrease the frequency of your visits. Proximity definately matters when it comes to making decisions about where we live.

On a visit Paul Spring last week, I was reminded of the great memories and lessons that I learned, and how great it was to see some of my “friends”. I felt for a moment like I had never left! However, I was struck with how many new faces had moved in the community that I didnt know. It made me want to move back in and hear their stories. I was also faced with the news that some had moved and/or had health issues and how I was now “out of the loop”. It made me realize just how dynamic a community can be.

I was delighted to meet a new resident who was living in “my apartment”. Her daughter was visiting, and they proudly invited me in to see the decorating they had done. I wish I had taken a picture of it, because it was beautiful. I enjoyed passing on the stories and history of my brief time living in her apartment! It made me feel good to pass on this history, however brief on insignificant it might seem to someone who I am sure has much more stories and history to share with me and the world. If I can get back more frequently maybe I will be fortunate enough to find out!

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