Nursing Home to the “stars” set to close

It was announced recently that the Motion Picture and Television Fund’s Motion Picture and Television Hospital will soon close its doors. Click here for story

I hope that there may be a better solution than specifically grouping people by age and ability in the future. However, if you have to group by “age”, I really like the idea “enthusiast/theme” oriented communities. There are already communities for retirement military, gay and lesbian, colleges are catering to their alumni. My hope is that in the future there we will communities that bring together cooking enthusiasts, specific sports teams, hobbies, professions, etc. I feel that these communities would be magnets for younger people with the same passion who would visit/live to learn from their elders which could lead to a more “ageless” culture.

It’s hard to believe in this age of celebrity and paparazzi culture that this nursing and rehab center would be closing, hopefully the future bring a community that celebrates elders in the arts.

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