The stigma of aging

Alot of my comments and observations have been related to the stigma of aging in our society. I was really pleased to learn about a study that was recently published in the March issue of Psychological Science.

Click here for an article related to the study, I thought these excerpts were interesting:

“If people hold more negative views of aging, they may be less likely to walk the extra block or engage in healthy behaviors as they get older,” explained study author Becca Levy, an associate professor of epidemiology and psychology at Yale School of Public Health.


After adjusting their figures to account for the influence of other factors, the researchers found that 25 percent of those who believed negative age “stereotypes” had experienced heart problems in the 30 years after answering the initial questions. By comparison, the figure was 13 percent in those who believed positive stereotypes about aging.

its definately important to remember genetics and role models might play a role and that

It’s unlikely that simply thinking “happy thoughts” about aging will make people live happily ever after, he said. “Health begets health — when you see healthy older relatives, you are likely to develop a positive view of aging.”

I think that this research speaks to alot of the discussion that we have had on the blog!

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