The Admission Process

In an effort to replicate the process of a typical resident, I arrived at Paul Spring recently to complete all the necessary paperwork and exams that are required of every resident.  I emphasized to the staff to walk me through the process exactly as they would for any resident. According to Paul Spring staff (Sarah Nye pictured here with me), most residents will visit the community 4-8 times before moving in, so for most people, all of these elements are not done at one session like in my situation. Also, many times there are adult children present during the process.

My first order of business was completing my application; many times this is something that prospective residents will complete at home. About halfway through that process I was able to meet with Director of Nursing, Pat Ferriter, RN to conduct the health screening portion of my admission.

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  • Christina Forbes

    When I admitted one of my wards who had grown past her ability to stay in her apartment alone, even with 24/7 care, primarily because she was so fiercely independent that the called the police on one of the “kind” ladies.

    When I left her there for her first night, after I had filled out all of her paperwork, we were greeted by one of the nurses leaving her shift. She came through a door and quickly slammed it shut. The Dir of Admissions asked whether it was my ward? The nurse said yes, that my ward was totally enraged, very traumatized, pacing up and down in front of the doors, but that they were going to give her an injection and that she would be OK. Meaning, of course, she would be sedated.

    This was one of the region’s premier assisted living facilities.

    Did you have any experience remotely resembling that? Or observe something like that?

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