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Last week was a wonderful life experience for me. As I have mentioned several times, in an effort to immerse myself as a resident, I separated myself from my family and work during my stay. I tried to share my thoughts on this blog every evening. My connection to the “outside” was every morning when I would wake up and I could review the questions, thoughts and words of support made by blog readers. Many times these were questions I hadn’t really thought of and it allowed me to reflect better on the experience.

Over the next several weeks, I will try to address all the fascinating questions posted on this blog and many I have received via email. By the time I am through with that pile, I think I will have a much better handle on my experience and what lessons we can learn to improve the lives of “everyone that is aging”.

If you have any questions, comments, thoughts, or challenges you would like to share please throw them on the pile! You can comment directly on this blog at the end of each posting, or you can email me at [email protected], or you can call me at 1-800-394-9990 ext. 1118.

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  • Sandi Ko at The Watermark at Logan Square in Philadelphia

    Thanks for the inspiration! It is great to see your blogs! Seeing your experience makes me want to share a little bit about our community, because I believe that seniors should look for these qualities when shopping for a retirement community. The Watermark at Logan Square is a community full of life and wonderful people. We pride ourselves in having a great team of associates that is dedicated to providing excellent care for our residents. Many of our associates have been with us for a long time and contribute every day in so many ways. In particular our associate council which recently donated $500 dollars to “Watermark for Kids” from donations raised during our wonderful events. There is also Watermark University which enhances the lives of our residents by offering a wide variety of brain and body fitness classes. At The Watermark at Logan Square you will find happiness, dedication and people who will welcome you as one of their family. My advice to seniors is to find a community where they meet interesting people, dedicated associates and where they’re encouraged to learn something new every day!

    Thank you!
    Sandi Ko, Director of Human Resources

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