Workouts, My Weight and Farewell

Today was another fantastic day, I think I mentioned that I weighed in here at 203 (thats about 15 lbs more than I should be), I just weighed myself and I only gained 2 lbs. It’s surprising to me because I have been eating enough for a small family at lunch and dinner!

I think I owe some thanks to the resident athlete at Paul Springs, after lunch we walked a mile together and then I met him at 3:30 for a treadmill workout! In between I participated in a Wii Fitness with some other residents!

wii fitness retirement community

Today I took advantage of the beauty/barber shop being open and got my ears lowered!

gurney haircut

Tonight we went to see the Army Band play at Ft. Meyers – it was a wonderful end to my last evening here a Paul Spring. Its really bittersweet thinking about leaving just as I truly feel that I have become part of this community.

This week has definately been one I will never forget. As I mention in this video – my blog entries and videos have been written and recorded in the moment. I am really looking forward to the opportunity to reflect on this experience. I will try to answer all the great questions everyone has been emailing in the near future – so keep checking back this ride is definately not over!

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