I learned how to REALLY visit a museum today!

We just returned from the National Museum of American History today, and I wanted to write a post while the experience was fresh in my mind. As promised I have a few photos of our gang. Here is a photo of everyone at lunch.at the museum

After we arrived at the museum we agreed to meet in the lobby at 11:30, we could do whatever we wanted; all of us were interested to see the Star Spangled Banner exhibit

The exhibit is fantastic; I did something that I have never done in a museum before . . . I took my time. I read every single word and I took the time to reflect on the tremendous history that was in front of me. In fact, I went so slow that when I finished there was only me and one other member of our group – lets call her “Mary”.

Mary was interested in the Lincoln exhibit, so we headed there next. Again, I took my time, Mary was full of facts which only enhanced my experience. It took us over 30 minutes to get through the exhibit. I guarantee I would have done it in half that time in my “previous life”.

With Lincoln on our mind, we decided to hit the Civil War exhibit, which I could have lingered longer but we had to meet the rest of our group.

In all my years of visiting DC museums, I have never made a trip downtown to look at only three exhibits in one museum. I always wanted to try and cover as much square footage as possible! It was a fantastic feeling, and yet another life lesson I have learned from my time here.

Back on the bus to head for home!

paul spring van ride home

I was reminded of something else today
When you read the news these days it really seems like the sky is falling. The exhibits I went to today reminded me that our country has overcome much worst challenges. If you think that leaders of today have challenges, just dust off your history book and read about President Lincoln’s terms in office. Better yet, head down to the Museum of American History and take in an exhibit!


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  • Follow-up on Jack G’s comment.
    Is there any effort at Paul Spring to get resident’s life story; audio or video?
    Like Jack says, these residents have a wealth of experiences, perspective, etc.
    So much value.

    On another hand, I think what a treasure something like this would be to a resident’s family when a resident passes away.

    Steve, have you heard of this being done at any retirement community?

    Last but not least, I really enjoyed your blog/videos/pictures this week and the personal insight you shared. Yes, do keep your connection with Paul Spring community!!!


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