What I did on my second day in the neighborhood!

Here is what I did today, including a much more refreshed end of day video!

  • Men’s breakfast
  • Visited with neighbors in the lounge
  • Attended a Sittercise Class
  • Met with the recreation assistant for the new resident orientation
  • Met with the director of rehab to introduce me to the rehab program
  • Lunch
  • Chatted with neighbors in the lounge
  • Bus trip to Beacon Mall
  • Listened to a volunteer playing the Piano
  • Word games in activity room
  • Unwind in my apartment – posted on the blog
  • Meeting with director of dining services to explain services dining protocols
  • Dinner

Whew! Another day done!

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  • I was late to work today as I am absolutely spellbound reading your daily experiences. I find that I am totally relating to everything that you are expressing and feeling. I have enjoyed every single minute of it, from the preparation before you arrived to this moment. I admire you so much for doing this. I don’t believe this has ever been done in the U.S. by anyone else. I would love to have a CD of this adventure so that it could be given to everyone going into a new neighborhood and joining a new retirement community. It would be very comforting and give a sense of confidence and emotional stability….however, I am totally intimidated by that awful math test counting backwards by 7s from 100! I can hardly wait to read about your adventures tomorrow. This experience shows your capacity for expressing great sensitivity and showing respect to everyone at every stage of life. This coupled with your genuine couriousity makes for an absolutely mesmerizing read. I have a totally refreshing feeling already now about retirement homes, thanks to your endeavor so far. I love the videos. We are all so fortunate that you are doing this for us. xoxo

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