Random thoughts on Day one

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Before I begin Day 2 I figured I should get some additional thoughts down on day 1. I am sure I will have more on these topics later.

Things that happen when you are out of your element – When it comes to remembering peoples names I have heard all the tricks like rhyme someone’s name with something memorable. However, today I forgot EVERYONES name as soon as I learned it! Thank goodness that the staff and some of the residents where name tags. One of the first residents I met (sorry I forgot her name), shared that there are so many women named “Mary” in the community that you have a 50/50 chance of getting it right with the ladies! It was good advice and she was right!

My apartment is on the second floor and I realize now that I should have dropped some breadcrumbs.

When I am not in a familiar element its interesting how it effects me!

Getting on a schedule – I am embarking on this journey without a cell phone, email, and a pile of work at my side which would be distractions. When we entered my apartment I was struck with the thought, “what am I going to do today?”  Thankfully, Barbara told me that after I unpacked I had an appointment with the nurse for my health screening; she also gave me the activities calendar and thought I might want to participate in the video bowling activity at 10:30. After that I would have lunch at noon with Dr. and Mrs. Carroll. This would be followed by “trivia” at 1:30 and a reception for new residents at 2:30.

I was relieved to have something to do and a place to go where people “needed” me (ok, maybe expected me?) It really gives perspective on how important having a “purpose” in life is to my self esteem. In my new home I need to examine my priorities and redefine my purpose based on the structure of this community.

No Cell Phone? Speaking of purpose, it’s interesting the purpose that my cell phone provides. I probably reached for my cell phone on my belt at least a dozen times in the first hour. When I was drinking a cup of coffee I wanted it. When I was walking to the elevator I wanted it. When I was waiting for the nurse I wanted it. If I had my cell phone with me here I have no doubt I would have been emailing throughout all my activities.

I am really glad I didn’t take that piece of technology with me, not having it has allowed me to really focus on having conversations with my new neighbors and participate fully in this experience. I know that cell phones are a danger to our lives when driving – in my case my cell phone is clearly a danger in the way I am living life. Time for a change there!

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  • You really are living fully in the present moment. I think it’s great how you’ve immersed yourself. My mother talks constantly about her neighbors …she has closer friends now than she has ever had in her entire life.
    I think this tells us something wonderful about this stage of life. Just visiting my mother, I feel a kind of peace there. I can actually sit, listen and have a genuine conversation with her.

    How do you enjoy mealtime? Can you write a bit on that? What is the food like; how do you decide where you’ll sit and with whom? Mealtimes seem to be an important part of their day.

    Also, if they have any musical or live presentations there, please try to attend and tell us about those.

    A friend of mine told me she’s jealous you get to do this 🙂
    Take care. Dale…

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