What I did on my first day in the new neighborhood

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I figure some of you might want to know exactly what I did on my first day. Here is an overview:

  • Arrived
  • Met key staff and neighbors
  • Moved into my apartment and unpacked
  • Met more neighbors
  • Met with the nurse for a health screening and TB test
  • Met more neighbors
  • Played Wii bowling video game with neighbors
  • Met with the activities director
  • Ate lunch and met more neighbors
  • Took a walk outside and met more neighbors
  • Played a trivia game with my neighbors
  • Attended a new resident reception and met more neighbors
  • Played pool with my neighbor
  • Walked back to my apartment and met another neighbor
  • Went to dinner with my neighbors
  • Played bingo with my neighbors

Went back to my apartment to reflect on a pretty good day!

One thing to note, I am intentionally trying to participate in everything I can while I am here to meet my neighbors! Mission accomplished after day one. Now I need to focus on remembering everyones names!

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  • Hahaha! I’m sorry but I had to laugh at your final statement! I have heard that same sentence hundreds of times–uttered by new residents. You ARE truly experiencing what it is like! 🙂

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