George Plimpton in a Retirement Community

When journalist George Plimpton suited up to play football for the Detroit Lions in his renowned book, Paper Lion, he gave sports fans a perspective on what it feels like to be a professional athlete that couldn’t be communicated through traditional reporting or locker room interviews.

George would never make a living as a professional football player. However, someday I hope to be an ‘elder.’ It’s a tremendous privilege to get to experience in advance a small glimpse of the lifestyle that I might someday be living.

George Plimpton photoBefore I started this project, I truly considered myself the equivalent to a ‘professional athlete’ in the field of aging. I realize now in many ways, I was just sitting on the sidelines watching the game. I wasn’t a typical ‘fan,’ I feel as though my passion for the profession got me into the ‘locker room’ more than a few times.

However, on my first day as a resident at Paul Spring I feel like I am now on the field playing the game. Just like George Plimpton, I am not an authentic professional athlete, but I am doing my best to respect the position of elders, keep my eyes wide open, and experience feelings and emotions first hand.

Just like George, I expect to get sacked more than a few times. I am already seeing my previous vision of the world being altered by this vantage point!

I had a quick break in my very fullfilling first day and I wanted to make sure I could post on the blog – I will put up some video and other thoughts from my first day this evening, gotta run to dinner!

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  • Hi Steve,
    I thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog and appreciate Bonnie sending us an e-mail about you starting your week at the retirement community today. What a great idea you had to do this! I can’t wait to continue reading your blog and to talk to you about how it felt. I hope that more people will learn about what you’re experiencing. It will, no doubt, be a tremendous help to both Seniors and their families who are trying to make a decision about moving, what to take, etc.

    Take good care, take advantage of the activities and new friendships!
    Aunt Ann
    P.S. I forwarded the info. to Ryan and he thinks your blog is really cool and he plans to continue following it too!

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