Taking the plunge . . . literally!

I only have two days left before plunging into the life of a retirement community resident! Today I took a different type of plunge, a plunge into the icy waters of Lake Anne in Reston, VA.

My plunge was part of a fundraiser to benefit Camp Sunshine, a one-of-a-kind retreat in Maine for children with life-threatening illnesses.

I hope you enjoy this very brief video (I am the idiot in black shorts!)

It’s interesting how I have received a similar reaction to telling people that I jumped into icy waters as I do when I tell them I am jumping into the life of a retirement community resident. “Why” is the first question everyone has to both of these feats.

I am doing both because they each have a componant to help people; supporting a great youth program and gaining a better perspective on how we care for our elders.

On a more personal note, both initiatives have a componant that satisfies my curiousity, and a touch of “bravado” that I am experiencing something that others have not.

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