Foster Care and Retirement Communities – Challenges and Solutions

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Lyman Orton recently made a great comment on blog entry #99  related to a retirement community in Florida that is evicting a young girl due to the communities covenants.

Lyman says “It seems clear, and logical, that Kimberly’s well being is best served by remaining with her grandparents, not to be evicted and be forced to live with strangers (foster parents)when she has loving and competent blood relatives who have cared for her most of her life.”

I completely agree, and this is a great time to share a video of a community that addresses all of these issues in a positive manner. Its called Hope Meadows and it combines foster children, families and elders together instead of separating them.  From their website:

Hope Meadows is a place where children, adoptive parents and surrogate grandparents develop supportive relationships capable of healing the hurts of abuse and neglect – a place where three generations care for and learn from each other. 

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Of course, all of the people in favor of Kimberly leaving that are living in the Florida retirement community might prefer that “strangers” are caring for them in their own time of need, as opposed to capable  family or friends.

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