Snakes in a retirement community?!

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When you have been to as many retirement communities as I have, you will see some interesting things!

Today I arrived at a retirement community to interview and videotape some residents for an upcoming article. The moment I walked in the door, I was greeted by a very excited resident who said to me, “young man can you please grab that snake in the foyer and put it in the garden.”

Not leaving me with much of a choice, I put down my equipment and frantically tried to grab the snake. I am not really squeemish around snakes and reptiles, and I have grabbed plenty of garden snakes in my lifetime. As I scrambled for the snake with a few retirement community residents watching I was sure this would be the one garden snake that had teeth and was going to send me screaming down the street in pain!

Fortunately I was able to grab it and get it to the garden and claim “hero status” in the community for a brief period of time!

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