Betty White represents the future of affordable senior housing!


Betty White has been generating a lot of headlines lately. She has surprised many in the youth focused entertainment industry by setting audience records with her recent appearance on Saturday Night Live and starring in a popular Super Bowl commercial.

Will this mark a significant change in how we view elders in popular culture, movies and television? I certainly hope so, but I am really counting on this recent attention around Betty White to create more awareness about an important television show on her resume – The Golden Girls.

Over the last year or so I have encouraging elders and families to think about what I refer to as “The Golden Girls Option”, especially if there are financial concerns. It has been very well received in concept, as there are so many individuals living alone in homes that are a bit too large for one person. The concept of friends coming together to share a residence can represent cost savings, but it also can offer companionship and support that can celebrate the unique strengths of the “roommates”.

  • Mary doesn’t drive anymore, but she loves to cook.
  • Joe never cooked but he drives and enjoys painting.
  • Cindy prefers not to drive, her house is much too large, but with so many memories she finds it hard to imagine moving away.

Through minimal cost they are able to remodel Cindy’s house to offer the three roommates a fair amount of privacy. They begin work together to create their “rules” and a schedule.

Will these three live in perfect harmony together? Definitely not! Just watch an episode of the Golden Girls to see some of the scenarios that will certainly pop up. Think about the other alternatives for these three – those wont be “perfect” either!

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