Another reason urban retirement living makes sense!

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Here I am in the middle of the biggest snowstorm the DC area has ever seen. It’s been a lot of fun sledding with my kids and enjoying some of the sweetest cross country skiing I have ever done.

However, it’s been another reminder of how isolating the suburbs can be. My neighbors and I have collectively spent hours shoveling snow to get our vehicles out on the road. In the suburbs our cars are our lifeline to healthcare, food, social opportunities, and much more. Read one of my previous posts on urban retirement.

Many people I talk to are concerned about an elder or someone on their street who might need special attention. These concerns don’t go away when you live in a city, but it can give you easier access to things you need.

Well you might be thinking city life in a snowstorm means you have to miss out on all the great suburban winter fun like sledding and snowball fights? Think again, check out the scene in Dupont Circle just a couple days ago! I wish I could have joined in, but I was shoveling out my car!

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