Aging IS a laughing matter!

I am a huge fan of comedy, especially the work of stand up comedians.  It’s raw, exposed storytelling at its finest.  Unfortunately, most stand up routines probably do more to feed the traditional stigmas of aging, but as they say . . . thats entertainment!

One of the benefits of becoming an elder is that you have lived long enough to tell a few stories.  So I was delighted to learn about a retirement community that was integrating stand up comedy and improv into their activities.  What better way to share stories with others by using techniques to better communicate and make your audience laugh and smile.


  • 🙂 This article made me smile. Laughing truly is great!

  • I love this idea and am going to suggest it in my parents’ assisted living community. Seniors’ lives are so rich. Toward the end of life, there’s a fair amount of sadness, but this stand-up idea helps them contribute, and share, and laugh together.

  • This is great, laughter makes everyone feel better and stories that all the elderly can relate to and laugh with is great. When it comes to care its important to look at what works and run with it. I think laughter should be everywhere but sadly in homes I’ve researched it isn’t always around. Anyway great post it was a good laugh.

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