A True Pioneer, Teacher, and Friend

20 years ago, I cobbled together the first edition of Guide to Retirement Living in the Washington, DC metro region.  Shortly thereafter I received a phone call from Mirca Liberti, one of the founders of the innovative non-profit, Children of Aging Parents (CAPS) asking me when I was going to put together a similar version for the Philadelphia region.

Mirca was persistent, checking in with me regularly to see when I was going to get started in Philadelphia.  About a year later I decided to make a trip up to Levittown, PA to meet her, and I have been friends with her and her husband Carlo ever since.

Mirca had a huge network of family, friends and connections that spanned a variety of fields serving others.  Over the years I would only see her about once a year, but she would make me feel like was the most important person in her life.  She was a living example of the value of living life with purpose and helping others.

Yesterday, I attended Mirca’s memorial service.  I met many others who Mirca inspired and we all shared how she made us feel so special in her presence.

Mirca taught many children and adults in a classroom setting (see photo of her teaching in Italy), I was one of her students outside the classroom and she taught me alot!

The program for Mirca’s memorial included a quote from Dorothy Monroe that starts with “Death is not too high a price to pay for having lived.”  Mirca didn’t just a live a life she thrived!

I can’t thank her enough for sharing part of her life with me.

Article about Mirca

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