A Great Opportunity Connect Old and Young

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I want to share a wonderful story and hopefully inspire you to think about making connections that span the ages and abilities.

I recently visited my friends Kathy and Tim Websters home and commented on some beautiful contemporary art in their family room.  The Websters have  four children and the art definitely looked a cut above childrens art.  Kathy was an art major, so I guessed that it was her creation.

It turns out that the entire family created the art, but the primary artist was their son Augie who uses a wheelchair for mobility.

Please read Augie’s Voice Blog, to get the entire story

Learning about this has opened my eyes to the huge potential we have to look at how our children and elders can be creative and have purpose.  I would love to see Augie and his siblings working on these masterpieces with elders who use wheelchairs.  Maybe combine that with a few kids on skateboards and bikes and we have an exciting project that celebrates the creativity of us all.

BTW, I have my name on the list for the next piece of artwork to come from Augie Webster and crew, so don’t think you can jump in front of me on the list!

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